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Confessions of A Mad Sticker Maker

Mad in the tense of insane, not angry. I think I am the most scattered planner in the world. I'm over here ...and over here...and here...

It's maddening!

I know we all plan in our own unique way that makes sense to each of us individually *whispers* (and a select few amongst our sticker community). But, I'm seriously scattered.

So, how does a scattered planner actually plan?

Oh ... pretty foil ... Hard return!

I can not focus! I was going to attempt to explain it, but I think we all as planners tend to be scattered at times. Isn't this why we plan?

Pretty foil?

At times, I get so overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to get done. that I lose myself in the process. If I don't make a list and priortize everything, then nothing gets accomplished.

My whole existance is in list form.

There are days where I accomplish a lot. And there are days that nothing at all gets completed. I may start a project, but something else distracts me, lures me away or otherwise becomes a priority. But, that is life in general. One needs to learn to roll with the punches.

Other times, my health gets in the way. I may start out the day feeling great and get a lot accoplished in a very short amount of time. Others, I'm rendered useless.

It used to be that I pushed myself to finish everything on my list for that day. Sometimes that meant working straight through till morning and napping a bit throughout the follow day. Doing that a few times made me realize real quick that approach was futile. I would only set myself back.

It's all about pace now. Set a steady pace and keep up with it.

Until I confess again ...

Happy Planning!