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Loony Loons

At first, I was afraid of Loons. Terrified me the first time I heard them on the pond near my Grandfather's Minnesota farmhouse. I was five and couldn't wrap my little mind around the fact that the sounds I was hearing were coming from a water fowl. My Mother found a National Audubon Society book of Grampa's and shown me what a Loon looked like. Their red eyes facinated and frightened me at the same time.

Loons are shy creatures. They spend most of their life on the water and only come to shore to lay or tend to the nest. Once born, Loon chicks become accustom to life on the water quickly. The reason they stay on the water and not on land is because their webbed feet are positioned so far back on their bodies. This position gives them exceptional swimming and diving for food skills. But, also, makes them rather clumsy on land.