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Planning to plan a plan after this...

Am so excited to announce that Bow the Marshmallow stickers are now availible at gumroad.com/alittlebitofdoodle.

Why did I move from Etsy to Gumroad? Cost.

As a small business owner, I had to make a change or keep working in the red.

Some have asked why I don't monitize my site. Frankly, have you ever attempted to navigate through some sites that are so full of advertisements that you miss what you ventured to that site for? It's maddening! The site is either so bogged down because of advertisements, or the blog post is stupid long, filled with information I don't want or need. I tend to get very aggravated and simply leave.

I commend those that are monitzing their site successfully. Over the last 3 years of owning a website, personally, site ads have not made me a single cent. So, I've chosen to do away with them. Making this site cleaner, hopefully eaiser to navigate and I do so hope someone appreciates my straight forwardness.

When you navigate A Little Bit of Doodle, I have set it up as I would like to see a site. Up front, here is what you are looking for, download and be on your way. I don't have time to sift through mumbo jumbo, I don't suspect you do either. :)

Check out Bow!

Happy Planning!

Until next time ...